Glacial lagoon

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Glacial lagoon. Image size 5,5 x 5,5 inch - 14X14 CM. The image is printed on Acid Free, 310gsm Fine art paper. The image is delivered in a cardboard box that ensures the preservation for transport. Signed open edition.

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Glacial lagoon

In my travels on Iceland’s south coast I allways make a stop at the Glacial Lagoon, no matter the season, no matter the hour. The sight of the Lagoon as you pull up is magnificent. Giant icebergs, roll or bob around on their to the ocean, often you may catch a glimpse of a seal diving for fish if you look around for them. In late autumn the colors often get deeper and near impossible to transfer to a canvas. The blue that comes with the moonlight is like none other, and the color changes as the sun rises puts a beautiful hue on the surroundings. If in a moonlight you might see it reflect on the water and make crystal glare of the iceberg.

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