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Ptarmigan Image size 15,7 x 15,7 inch - 40X40 Cm. The image is reproduced on artist’s canvas (giclée prints) and delivered rolled in paper tube, ensuring its preservation for transportation. The artist paints in every print, which makes each picture unique. Signed and numbered edition of 250.

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Lagopus muta

Being able to blend in with the environment is the Ptarmian’s specialty. By shedding and there by changing colors is a matter of life and death for the bird, because it is hunted and killed by other animals and us humans alike. The Ptarmigan is a key specie in Iceland’s ecosystem and one of Icelandic nature’s signature bird. Hunting Ptarmigans is a popular sport and Ptarmigan steak is part of my Christmas tradition as it is for many Icelandic families. The Icelandic mountain Ptarmigan are of a particular subspecies that is found nowhere else in the world and the Latin name for them is Lagopus muta islandorum.

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